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Why Choose a Trump Condo Hotel
When you're considering buying something as important and expensive as a condo hotel vacation home, you want to be sure you're working with someone who can provide you with accurate information and thoughtful recommendations.

We believe a specialist is often the best answer. And that's just what World Class Condo Hotels is. We specialize in selling Trump condo hotels and residences.  We work closely with the development teams of Trump properties to obtain the latest data and then to present it to our clients in a way that is meaningful and easy to comprehend.

Yes, we're real estate brokers, but our focus is on providing quality information - facts, pictures, prices, and advice - for every property we represent.

Who We Are
World Class Condo Hotels is actually part of Condo Hotel Center, the #1 seller of condo hotels worldwide, which is a division of Sheldon Greene & Associates, Inc., a Florida-licensed real estate brokerage in business since 1970.

Since its inception in 2002, Condo Hotel Center has represented over 200 different condo hotels throughout the U.S. and the world. However, we've always noticed that buyers are drawn to Trump condo hotels for their excellent quality and investment potential.

The Trump name is an immediate draw, and some investors are focused only on Trump products. For these reasons, we felt that a website dedicated to the niche of Trump condo hotels, one which gave as much information as possible on the Trump properties, could best serve our clientele.

How Do We Charge?
Our services to buyers are FREE! Like most real estate transactions, our fees are always paid by the developers. Our information and assistance in purchasing a Trump condo hotel costs the buyer nothing.

Furthermore, with condo hotels, THE PRICE IS ALWAYS THE SAME whether you utilize a real estate broker's services or buy directly from the developer.

The difference is, we at World Class Condo Hotels can provide you with a wealth of information as well as objective advice on the various properties. And, as part of Condo Hotel Center, we can also provide you with information on non-Trump condo hotels enabling you to comparison shop.

The Founders of World Class Condo Hotels
Sheldon GreeneBehind Wolrd Class Condo Hotels as well as Condo Hotel Center is a group of highly dedicated professional realtors. Sheldon Greene, CEO, has been a well-respected broker in Florida for over 35 years, originally specializing in the sale of hotels, and since 2002, focused on condo hotels.

Sheldon's main role with the firm is that of visionary as well as working with developers around the world to bring their condo hotel projects to fruition.

Joel Greene, Sheldon's son, has almost 20 years of experience in hotel brokerage and is considered an expert in the condo hotel field. He serves as president of Trump Condo Hotels and Condo Hotel Center. Joel is also the founder of Condo Hotels Dubai, the leading seller in North America of Dubai condo hotel units.

Joel GreeneIn addition to his sales success, Joel has written dozens of articles on the subject and been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, USA Today, the International Herald Tribune, Money magazine, Business Week magazine, CNN/Money Online and many more publications.

His Property Alert newsletter has over 25,000 subscribers who enjoy his detailed descriptions and insightful reviews of new condo hotels coming on the market.

Working with Sheldon and Joel is a team of dedicated real estate professionals whose chosen specialty is condo hotels and whose approach is to inform and educate. You won't find forceful sales people at World Class Condo Hotels, nor its sister company, Condo Hotel Center. That's just not our style.

As Joel Greene often says, "When you're selling a Trump condo hotel, there's no need to be pushy. Simply provide the facts, and the properties sell themselves."

"When you're selling a Trump condo hotel, the properties sell themselves," says Joel Greene.

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It would be our pleasure to assist you in determining if a Trump condo hotel is right for you. Please feel free to request our property data sheets for the Trump locales in which you're interested or contact us with your specific questions.

You'll always receive a prompt, informative response. We look forward to working with you. Contact us today!


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