Trump Hotel Collection

Brand Name Chosen for Trump's Condo Hotels

October 18, 2007 -- "Trump Hotel Collection" is the newest brand and the highest level of luxury hospitality available under the Trump name. The name was just chosen to represent Trump's condo hotels worldwide and offer a new level of world-class travel mixed with outstanding personal and customized services.

Donald J. Trump, chairman and president of the Trump Organization, refers to the Trump Hotel Collection as "…a natural extension of our (Trump) brand in the luxury sector of the hotel industry."

The Trump Hotel Collection brand will include condo hotels at both up-and-coming and well-established travel destinations. They will all be new construction with bold architecture, designed to add excitement and intrigue to the area's surroundings.

Each property will offer top-of-the-line guest services via a Trump Attaché, a step up from traditional butler and concierge services. A Trump Attaché carefully notes every guest preference and keeps a detailed guest history so that future stays at a Trump Hotel Collection property are made to feel like a return to home. The Trump Attaché also arranges everything from in-room chefs to private jets.

All Trump Hotel Collection accommodations are residential in design - from studios to expansive three-bedroom suites - with custom furnishings and high-end technology for entertainment and business needs.

In-suite gourmet kitchens come standard and equipped with only the best appliances. Trump Hotel Collection bathrooms with their deep garden tubs, separate showers, and elegant design will offer pampering and relaxation comparable to a world-class spa.

Trump's integrity and brand recognition in the real estate and condo hotel markets make the new Trump Hotel Collection well-poised to dominate the global luxury hospitality market.

Two generations of Trumps have turned their entrepreneurial experience and passion for real estate into a bold new way to place their name at the top of the international luxury hotel and condo hotel markets.

The Trump Hotel Collection is set for expansion on a global level. Currently under development are projects in Baja, Mexico; Chicago; Cap Cana, Dominican Republic; Dubai, U.A.E.; Las Vegas, NV; New Orleans; New York's SoHo district; Panama City, Panama; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Toronto, Canada; Aberdeen, Scotland; and Waikiki, HI.

The Trump Hotel Collection, part of The Trump Organization, is located at Trump Tower, 725 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY.

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